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2011 – 2014 Owens Community College Strategic Plan

After almost a year and a half, the AQIP Planning Council finalized its draft of a new strategic plan for the college. On Tuesday, September 13, 2011 The OCC Board of Trustees voted to approve the College’s new three-year strategic plan. The AQIP Planning Council affirmed the College’s current mission……..Strategic Plan 2011-FINAL

2 Responses to “2011 – 2014 Owens Community College Strategic Plan”

  1. Amy Crofts Says:

    As a part of the Adjunct faculty community on campus, I am excited about the #3 iniative concerning “Promoting Institutional Advancement”. It is of the utmost importance to not only involve the staff and full-time faculty but also the adjunct faculty in the Strategic Plan. I look forward to watching this unfold and how this will affect the entire community of Owens both employees and students alike. In addition, the members of the team include a great variety of employees that I feel will bring back great information and results in regards to the Action Progects that relate to the overall plan. It makes such a difference in the day to day interactions between staff and faculty when they feel they have a chance in growing and advancing in the institution; the students can even feel and see the effects when the faculty are happy and/or satisfied in their job.

  2. Shannon Hadding Says:

    I think action project #1 is vitally important for the success of the college. We must implement new ways to bring the right students in to Owens, and we must aid these students in completing their degrees. Owens is in the business of education, and our goal should be to help as many students graduate as we can. In the past it seems that the focus was simply on bringing in as many students as we could without regard for their future with the college. However, due to governmental changes, it has become imperative that Owens better implement strategies to bring students in AND retain them until graduation. I believe this action project will carry the college down the right path to achieve future success.

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