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Open Forum for Assessment

The  Student Learning Assessment Committee  (SLAC) is inviting all faculty and staff interested to join us for a one-hour update/training on writing our assessment of student learning reports.  We feel this will be helpful for anyone involved in the process of assessment. Our goal is to help everyone involved in the assessment writing a collection of data to better understand what is required, what is the most efficient and effective way to produce and write these reports, and ultimately, save time for everyone that is involved in this very important process.

The dates are:

Tuesday, February 12  in Findlay at 3:00  in the tiered classroom 111

Wednesday, February 13  in Toledo at 3:00 in AV 121-124

Thursday, February 14  in Toledo at 3:00 in AV 121-124

We will be discussing FAQ such as collecting direct and indirect evidence, and the difference between the two. Discussing artifacts–what to look for, what’s important, what to collect and why.  How to write a mission statement that is concise and tied to the college’s strategic plan.  Closing the loop in the assessment cycle, using the feedback that is provided from the previous cycle to make changes in the assessment process that reflect continuous quality improvement.  We will be providing hints for writing a quality report (and it doesn’t have to be long). We will have handouts and other information that will be helpful for everyone who has any part of our student assessment process.  We will be discussing the proper way (easiest way) to map to a strategic plan, the AQIP categories, and discipline specific criterions. 

We will outline how our reviewers critique an assessment report. This will be helpful for you when you are writing—knowing what the particulars are during the review process. While we have rubrics, it’s helpful to understand the dynamics behind the reviewing process.  Understanding the difference between developing, demonstrated, established, as it relates to the goal of continuous quality improvement.  Understanding Taskstream, and in particular, the recent changes we made to enhance the process and utilize the opportunities the software provides.  This and many more informative topics will be covered. We are doing this in order to improve the quality of the assessment report writing college wide.  Our goal is to not only have 100% of reports submitted, but to help you in advancing your areas to the established level of review. Please join us for these forums in which we tried to space out so that everyone has an opportunity to attend.

The purpose of this posting is to generate a conversation around other ways we might work to improve the process of assessment . We would appreciate your feedback and input as it comes to how we can improve the quality of our assessment process. In the spirit of continuous quality improvement we value the ideas of those who are doing the work. Please share your insights.


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