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Future Directions of the School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences is engaging in a discussion about the future direction of the School.  The College will send out a survey to the faculty members within the School asking for their opinion about the composition of the School.  Please share your thoughts on the following questions pertaining to the composition of the School of Arts and Sciences

1.  Should the Mathematics and Science departments join with the School of Technology creating a STEM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)? Why or why not?

2.  Should the Fine and Performing Arts department remain within the School of Arts and Science or become a separate School creating a focus on the Arts? Why or why not?

3.  If the School of Arts and Science is comprised of only the departments of Communication, Humanities & Languages; English; Social & Behavioral Sciences; and Teacher Education & Human Services, what should that new School be called? What that suggestion changed if the Fine & Performing Arts department remained in the School?

3 Responses to “Future Directions of the School of Arts & Sciences”

  1. Ann Savage Says:

    I don’t really have the knowledge to answer all of the questions but I know that our Fine and Performing Arts faculty are outstanding. My son has gotten a wonderful arts education here. I think creating a separate school with a relationship to the Toledo Museum of Art and the arts department at Bowling Green State University would be terrific. (How about a 3+1?)

  2. Jim Perry Says:

    I do believe that the Math and Sciences departments should be part of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This will align us more along the national funding structure for STEM Programs.

  3. Lorry Cology Says:

    History of the ‘Schools.’
    In the decades prior to having different ‘Schools’ at Owens College we had ‘Divisions.’ We had the ‘Arts and Sciences Division’ and others.
    Then one day an administrator (who is no longer at Owens College) proclaimed, “Other colleges have ‘Schools’ and we should, too!” Apparently this person did not realize that universities have ‘Schools’ and community colleges do not because a ‘School’ is a degree-granting body. At a university a student earns a degree granted by the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, etc. Owens College cannot do that. Students earn Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees. Period. Having ‘Schools’ at Owens College is inappropriate and frankly, a little embarrassing (when university colleagues snidely ask whether we are awarding BA/BS degrees now). In whatever way the various departments get divvied up I think we should return to being ‘Divisions’ and drop the ‘School’ pretention.

    I’d like to see the;

    Fine and Performing Arts Division

    Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

    Communication, Humanities and Languages Division

    Teacher Education and Human Services Division

    STEM Division

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