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Congratulations Team Owens !!!  As the college’s AQIP liaison, it is one of my responsibilities to facilitate, train and help write the annual reviews for our three major action projects which is a requirement for organizational accreditation in AQIP. These are typically due in mid September for us. All three projects were submitted early as always thanks to the timely feedback from the teams. One of my favorite parts of my job is to be able to give recognition to college constituencies for performance excellence.

I want to share the first one to be returned from the HLC reviewers. This was for action project two – Student Retention 2012,  written by- Anne Fulkerson, with input from Tamara Williams, Melissa Green, and Betsy Johnson.  As you review the feedback highlighted in yellow,  please feel free to respond with your comments.  It’s an outstanding review as well as a complement to all employees here at  Owens Community College and our Noel – Levitz initiative…….  2011 HLC Action project #2 reviewed

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