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AQIP Liaisons are Essential

It seems appropriate and necessary from time-to-time to remind all of our readers that a requirement of AQIP is that every institution always have an official AQIP Liaison. The AQIP Liaison performs an integral role in the institution’s quality journey by providing a secure line for communication. AQIP understands that presidents are often too busy to keep up with daily email and so we send important notices regarding pending deadlines, changes in relationship and changes to our AQIP processes to both the president and the Liaison. The Liaison can be the Academic VP, or the head of the institution’s quality improvement program. The AQIP Liaison’s role is an entirely different one than that of the institution’s designated Data Update Coordinator. The responsibility of communicating with AQIP remains with the institution’s president and the one person officially designated as the AQIP Liaison.

AQIP expects the Liaison to:
  • Report annually to AQIP progress on all Action Projects through the Annual Update process;
  • Make sure there are always three current, active Action Projects;
  • Communicate to AQIP changes in your president, chief academic officer, and AQIP Liaison;
  • Communicate to AQIP problems in meeting AQIP obligations, questions about your institution or its commitment to AQIP;
  • Respond to communications from AQIP; and
  • Maintain contact with the institution’s Data Update Coordinator (the person completing the Higher Learning Commission’s Annual Data Report), ensuring that the information reported there matches the information reported to AQIP.

If you change your AQIP Liaison you must communicate this to AQIP immediately, and provide the contact information for the newly named Liaison. It is also your responsibility to share with your new Liaison password and login information for the Action Project Directory, and the expectations of their new role. Any assistance that person needs in understanding AQIP and its processes will be cheerfully provided by AQIP staff upon request.

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