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AQIP Action Project annual reviews

Congratulations Team Owens !!!  As the college’s AQIP liaison, it is one of my responsibilities to facilitate, train and help write the annual reviews for our three major action projects which is a requirement for organizational accreditation in AQIP. These are typically due in mid September for us. All three projects were submitted early as always thanks to the timely feedback from the teams. One of my favorite parts of my job is to be able to give recognition to college constituencies for performance excellence.

I want to share the first one to be returned from the HLC reviewers. This was for action project two – Student Retention 2012,  written by- Anne Fulkerson, with input from Tamara Williams, Melissa Green, and Betsy Johnson.  As you review the feedback highlighted in yellow,  please feel free to respond with your comments.  It’s an outstanding review as well as a complement to all employees here at  Owens Community College and our Noel – Levitz initiative…….  2011 HLC Action project #2 reviewed

Don’t Speculate ñ Participate! : Academic Structure Committee

The Academic Structure Committee is one of the college’s three AQIP action projects for this year. The committee was formulated to examine five central questions:

1. How might we improve the organization of our academic schools so as to enhance collaboration between and among faculty, administration and departments?

2. How might we improve the organization of our academic schools so we might create efficiencies and avoid duplication?

3. How might we improve the organization of our academic schools so we might build capacity and create succession plans (business continuity planning)?

4. How might we improve the organization of our academic schools so we might clarify the administrative roles between and among our campuses and learning centers?

5. How might we improve the organization of our academic schools so we might eliminate competition between and among the schools and workforce and community services?

The committee is using the process management tools and the principles of ìThinking By Designî by Tim Brown to approach these questions. The committee meets every Monday from noon to 2:00 p.m. and their meetings are open to anyone who would like to sit in and listen to their important work. They will be formulating a series of recommendations which will be presented to Provost Council early this summer.

Speculation about the types of changes and results often begin whenever institutions, in higher education or business, engage in the examination of practices and structure. I want to encourage people who want to know more about the conversations of this committee to speak to members of the committee and perhaps attend one of their meetings. Don’t speculate ñ participate!

Brown, Tim (2009). Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Harper Collins Publishers.

Student Retention and Graduation-YES WE CAN! By Tamara Williams

Recently, OCC collaborated with Noel-Levitz, a nationally recognized higher education consulting firm focused on helping institutions of higher education advance student success. Over the next year, the firm will assist us with creating strategies to make informed decision with regard to student success. Additionally, this partnership will provide the college with the necessary tools to develop a comprehensive, sustainable, retention program in addition to creating long-term strategic enrollment plan. This collaboration will assist OCC with increasing student retention and graduation rates.

This project is a campus community initiative that requires the participation from students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the local community. Please provide feedback on ways that you would like to become directly involved with this exciting initiative.

New Action Projects

I am kind of excited about our 3 new action projects: Student Assessment and Outcomes, Student Retention 2012, and Academic Structure. In particular, I am glad the Academic Structure project was chosen. This should provide the opportunity for a very transparent study of an area of the institution which may, or may not, result in significant changes. Whatever the level of change or restructure that may occur, we will all know the data and reasoning behind it. We know the members of the team involved in the project, and have opportunity for input. This truly is shared leadership as we strive for quality improvements!

AQIP Action Projects

The AQIP Planning Council is determining the next round of Higher Learning Commision action projects. AQIP action projects are major quality improvement initiatives that align and engage with our strategic plan and the nine AQIP categories. The assessment of student learning, and student retention are two such major initiatives. What are your thoughts on potential future action project topics?

AQIP Action Projects

Please review the following link. Based on what the HLC has commented on- How do you feel about the College’s Student Retention project ? Please respond with your comments.

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