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Student Print Solutions

I’d like to report after the first week of class, students haven’t voiced negative comments regarding this new procedure. I inserted the paragraph provided by my chairperson and reviewed it with the students. I think the only “unknown” is exactly the campus labs where this will be implemented. We know some are a given, but as of the week of January 3, there still seemed to be some questions regarding whether this procedure will be installed in every campus lab that it was scheduled for. I think it should be communicated through the College’s website (in a location that may be found by all) a list of these labs.

While I always infused technology in the teaching/learning process, I will make some changes in the number of hard copies students submit. I must say I don’t enjoy grading all assignments online–not good for my “old” eyes!!

Have a great semester all!

Exciting Times in Social & Behavioral Sciences

I would like to write about some of the exciting new changes in the Social & Behavioral Sciences Department. When I arrived as a member in the SBS department in August of 2008, I was honored and excited to become a member of such a well-respected group of individuals who had dedicated many years of service to the college. Now, although there have been many changes in the composition of the department, I’m still very proud to be a member of the SBS faculty and extremely excited about our future.

At the conclusion of the Spring 2009 semester our department lost 4 members to retirement: Jarvis Gamble (Political Science), Kerry Garretson (Psychology), Arleen Hoag (Economics), and Keith Syrja (Psychology). Since then we’ve replaced those outstanding members of the Owens faculty and community with 4 vibrant new faculty: Jeremy Baker (Economics), Megan Kerr (Political Science), Kristin Price (Psychology), and Steven Ross (Psychology).

If you haven’t worked with any of these individuals yet, please stop by Founders Hall sometime and meet them. All are dedicated to serving our students and eagerly looking for opportunities to collaborate. These are exciting times in Social & Behavioral Sciences!

-Scott Deaner

Openness and Transparency in Owens Budget Process and Financial Condition

Seems like nearly every day some state, city or school district is making news headlines with their budget deficits, the disparity between their revenues and expenses and the drastic cuts they will need to make to balance their budgets.

While the State of Ohio is not on the list of states expected to go bankrupt, we are being advised by the folks at the Ohio Board of Regents to expect a 15 ñ 20% cut in State Share of Instruction for FY12. This translates into a $7 – $7.6 million dollar loss in revenue or 7% of Owens General Fund revenue. Since it would require a 15.5 ñ 17% increase to make up this difference, it is highly improbable that a tuition increase alone will used to make up this shortfall. Fortunately, we have been braced for this message for the past year and have four to five months and multiple possible solutions to balance the FY12 budget while preserving a reasonable tuition rate and protecting our employees.

So, with all that being said, do you feel there is enough openness and transparency in Owens budget process and financial condition? And if not, what could we do to improve?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the Department of Organizational Performance and Accountability !

Patti Schumacher

Joanne Juan

Tom Perin

Student Print Solutions

The Student Print Solutions initiative has been a long time coming. The amount of printing waste has been growing at an alarming rate for the last several years. As everyone is aware, the pilot is about to begin in January.

The mission of this project has two parts, to control the waste and help the college with green alternatives, and communicate an awareness of the waste and printing abuse that was going on. The awareness factor alone will help a great deal in eliminating much of the problem. Owens Community College was one of the only colleges that was not charging for copies from all of the research that was done. Based on the information that has been published how do you feel about the Print Solutions Initiative?

Roles and Responsibilities of an AQIP Liaison

One of the elemental requirements of participation in AQIP is that every institution name an official AQIP Liaison. The AQIP Liaison performs an integral role in the institution’s quality journey by providing the security of a second line of communication. AQIP understands that presidents are often too busy to keep up with daily email and so we send important notices regarding pending deadlines, changes in relationship and changes to our AQIP processes to both the president and the liaison.

AQIP expects the liaison to:

  • Report annually to AQIP progress on all Action Projects through the Annual Update process;
  • Make sure there are always three current, active Action Projects;
  • Communicate to AQIP changes in your president, chief academic officer, and AQIP liaison;
  • Communicate to AQIP problems in meeting AQIP obligations, questions about your institution or its commitment to AQIP;
  • Respond to communications from AQIP; and
  • Maintain contact with the person completing the Higher Learning Commission’s Annual Data Report (due at the beginning of every year), ensuring that the information reported there matches the information reported to AQIP.

AQIP Liaisons are important to successful participation and the AQIP staff know many on a first-name basis. They are a valuable resource to AQIP, often providing the ideas and suggestions that spur change, and the foundations of successful programming at the Higher Learning Commission’s Annual Meeting. AQIP strives for and encourages a supportive and mutually beneficial relationship with all of its AQIP Liaisons.

Welcome to AQIP Blog!

Welcome to the AQIP blog. The blog is an opportunity to enhance our communication about our accreditation model-AQIP, and all our quality initiatives that support it. To begin there will be weekly communications posted by the editor that will serve as progress reports and “News to Use”. Please feel free to share a comment on any of the discussion topics or the postings that follow.

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