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Commitment to Continuous Improvement Persists in the School of Business

Recently the School of Business received the ACBSP Evaluation Site Team’s Feedback Report from the ACBSP national office. The team conducted a site visit on February 26-29. We are fortunate to report all six standards were met.  We expect to receive formal notification of our reaffirmation in mid-May.   Thanks to all faculty,  staff, and students  in the School of Business and to those outside the School of Business who met with the evaluation site team to validate the report.  The School of Business has been accredited since 1995, and this is our second reaffirmation.  We continue to use accreditation to validate the quality of work the School of Business engenders.

Owens Has Heart

Krista Kiessling, Director, Service Learning organized a service learning project at the Learning Center at the Source; Owens Has Heart. Mr. Cleveland Henderson and Mrs. Caryn Tilly-Pflager, adjunct instructors at the Learning Center at the Source added this project to the class assignment as a service-learning experience. The service-learning project offers students an opportunity to participate in service learning while helping fellow students. Students were asked to self-identify or identify someone in one of their classes who is in need of food or clothing. The project asked student to donating backpack at the Learning Center at the Source. Once the backpack collection was over, Mrs. Kiessling packed the backpacks with three to five days of food. The identified student(s) were instructed on how they would receive a backpack. Krista decided backpacks would be a discreetly way to help Owens students.

Owens Community College Foundation Feasibility Study

Last fall, the Owens Community College Foundation, working with The Clements Group, conducted a feasibility study in the community. The feasibility study was designed to ascertain how much could be raised in a major gifts campaign and what projects the community would support through donor dollars. This is exciting because although the College and the Foundation have engaged in targeted campaigns (i.e. for the Center for Fine and Performing Arts) this  is the first general major gifts campaign we have considered.

I would be very interested in meeting with faculty and staff to present the results of the feasibility study. If you have 10 or 15 minutes at a department or staff meeting please call me at (567) 661-7184 or email me at

Monthly Customer Service Training News!

Beginning in 2012, we are incorporating the monthly Customer Service Training into New Employee Orientation. Tom Perin continues to facilitate this segment of the Orientation. Our practice was to have orientation monthly on a Monday with Customer Service Training on the following Thursday. Orientation for new hires has been a requirement practice since 2007; implemented and enhanced over time through several AQIP quality teams’ recommendations.  Attendance  for customer service has been lagging.

By combining the training into the orientation, we accomplish several positive results:

  • New employees are on-boarded with customer service quality expectations that embrace the Owens culture
  • Convenience: One location, One Day
  • The Orientation is still a single day event; there is no need for a new hire arranging an additional morning for the training (historically not everyone completing New Employee Orientation attended the Customer Service training)

Current Employees may still participate by registering and attending only the customer service session of the orientation which will run from 9:00-11:30 a.m.  Anyone interested in training, or a refresher, may register through the Owens Intranet – Human Resource’s training and Professional Development website

Group Training Available: Customer Service Training can also be tailored to suit a department or group‘s special needs. Tom Perin has customized training for a variety of groups: the Student Learning Centers, Student Accounts, the Help Desk staff.  This is great opportunity for department retreats, staff meetings, etc. We can bring the training to you, or work with you to arrange a training site. Please contact Tom Perin to schedule group training.  or 567-661-7880

AQIP Action Project annual reviews

Congratulations Team Owens !!!  As the college’s AQIP liaison, it is one of my responsibilities to facilitate, train and help write the annual reviews for our three major action projects which is a requirement for organizational accreditation in AQIP. These are typically due in mid September for us. All three projects were submitted early as always thanks to the timely feedback from the teams. One of my favorite parts of my job is to be able to give recognition to college constituencies for performance excellence.

I want to share the first one to be returned from the HLC reviewers. This was for action project two – Student Retention 2012,  written by- Anne Fulkerson, with input from Tamara Williams, Melissa Green, and Betsy Johnson.  As you review the feedback highlighted in yellow,  please feel free to respond with your comments.  It’s an outstanding review as well as a complement to all employees here at  Owens Community College and our Noel – Levitz initiative…….  2011 HLC Action project #2 reviewed

Financial Aid Changes

Our friends in Washington, D.C., have been busy again, modifying financial aid rules which will go into effect for the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition to communicating these changes to our students, we thought it might be helpful to hold a few forums for Owens employees as well. We would provide an overview of the significant changes, then take questions about those and any other financial aid topics you would like to understand better. Do you feel that this would be useful? When is a good time (maybe April)? Are there specific areas of financial aid that you would like us to focus on?
– Betsy S. Johnson and Susanne Schwarck

Six Sigma- Lean

Lean is fashionable, both in manufacturing and service enterprises, and so more and more organizations are focusing on their value chains, making sure every activity they perform contributes to the value their stakeholders derive from their produces or services. (more…)

Why a Quality Webpage?

AQIP (HLC) wants to know more about the internal workings of its participating institutions’ quality programs. This isn’t just idle curiosity, however. It comes from three independent and important considerations. (more…)

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