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Exciting Times in Social & Behavioral Sciences

I would like to write about some of the exciting new changes in the Social & Behavioral Sciences Department. When I arrived as a member in the SBS department in August of 2008, I was honored and excited to become a member of such a well-respected group of individuals who had dedicated many years of service to the college. Now, although there have been many changes in the composition of the department, I’m still very proud to be a member of the SBS faculty and extremely excited about our future.

At the conclusion of the Spring 2009 semester our department lost 4 members to retirement: Jarvis Gamble (Political Science), Kerry Garretson (Psychology), Arleen Hoag (Economics), and Keith Syrja (Psychology). Since then we’ve replaced those outstanding members of the Owens faculty and community with 4 vibrant new faculty: Jeremy Baker (Economics), Megan Kerr (Political Science), Kristin Price (Psychology), and Steven Ross (Psychology).

If you haven’t worked with any of these individuals yet, please stop by Founders Hall sometime and meet them. All are dedicated to serving our students and eagerly looking for opportunities to collaborate. These are exciting times in Social & Behavioral Sciences!

-Scott Deaner

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  1. michael_bankey Says:


    Thanks for sharing the news. We will reach out to each of them and see if they have ideas on ways we can be working together with some of the WCS offerings.


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