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Financial Aid Changes

Our friends in Washington, D.C., have been busy again, modifying financial aid rules which will go into effect for the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition to communicating these changes to our students, we thought it might be helpful to hold a few forums for Owens employees as well. We would provide an overview of the significant changes, then take questions about those and any other financial aid topics you would like to understand better. Do you feel that this would be useful? When is a good time (maybe April)? Are there specific areas of financial aid that you would like us to focus on?
– Betsy S. Johnson and Susanne Schwarck

4 Responses to “Financial Aid Changes”

  1. Rose Kuceyeski Says:

    Yes, I do believe holding forums is valuable. I am always interested in any changes regarding student financial aid topics. April becomes a busy month but if scheduled early April that would be great or perhaps late March. No specific areas that I can think of to address.

  2. Joanne Juan Says:

    I think holding forums for updates in changes to financial aid rules is a great opportunity to learn any new information; both as an Owens employee serving students, and as a parent/relative of students. April is a good a time.

  3. Susanne Schwarck Says:

    Thanks, Rose and Joanne, for your feedback. We will share more as we get the date(s) finalized.

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