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A wonderful thing happened this month that deserves some acknowledgement.  On February 1, we made a collaborative attempt to re-energize the AQIP blog.  I am happy to say that out of 27 days this month and 19 possible opportunities to keep the college informed, 11 APC members successfully made a submission.  That is a whopping 58% participation rate in one month.  That is a huge improvement.  It always amazes me what can be accomplished when we work as a team.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.  I know that QC will have just as much success during the month of March.  GO TEAM OWENS!

Remember it is never too late or too early to submit a post, and you are not limited in the number of times you can post or the date that you post.  The blog does not have to be AQIP related but student- or college-related. 

Many of us look forward to reading more post about what is going on around our campus and all of your feedback as well.

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