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I Want to Thank You

I am excited that just a few weeks ago, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association reaffirmed our institutional accreditation through 2020.

I am extremely proud of you, Owens faculty and staff, for your hard work and dedication in achieving this continued accreditation through the HLC. While I have served at two other institutions that were Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)-accredited, not every institution is given this opportunity. It’s an honor for Owens to be an AQIP institution and it’s a nod to the quality I see here every day – in your classrooms, in your offices, and throughout the entire campus.

It’s specifically thanks to you! Did you know that Owens has been accredited through the Higher Learning Commission continuously since 1976? We don’t stop! We are always trying to be better. HLC reviewers even noted that we are a leader in continuous quality improvement during their review.

The duration of our accreditation and those comments show me how dedicated you are to continued excellence. We don’t rest on our laurels. We are dedicated. We are enthusiastic. We are innovative!

We need to keep the momentum up! How might we continue to improve? Do you have ideas on how to be more efficient? How to be more effective? Do you have any cost-savings ideas? Let’s hear them! Tell us your ideas! I want you to feel comfortable sharing them.

Each of us has a unique perspective to share. And it will take each of us, working together as a team, to be the best community college in the state of Ohio!

2 Responses to “I Want to Thank You”

  1. Ann Savage Says:

    Thank you, Dr. Bower, for your leadership and asking for cost saving ideas. The Office of College Development is looking to innovative ways to deliver Owens content to our donors and alumni through email and social media. This could potentially lower our mailing and printing costs while still reaching our audience.

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