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New Action Projects

I am kind of excited about our 3 new action projects: Student Assessment and Outcomes, Student Retention 2012, and Academic Structure. In particular, I am glad the Academic Structure project was chosen. This should provide the opportunity for a very transparent study of an area of the institution which may, or may not, result in significant changes. Whatever the level of change or restructure that may occur, we will all know the data and reasoning behind it. We know the members of the team involved in the project, and have opportunity for input. This truly is shared leadership as we strive for quality improvements!

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  1. Rose Kuceyeski Says:

    I agree with you, Joanne. Of course, academic structure can be a “touchy” subject. Oftentimes, turf becomes an issue. Let’s hope those feelings are put aside so we can do what’s best for our students. It’s interesting, though, that we have a project on Student Assessment and Outcomes. This topic was mandated in 1989 by NCA. One of my colleagues at the time said “not to bother” because it’ll go away. Well, it didn’t. We began in OAD with our assessment plan around 1994. I believe we have an effective plan, but it’s always a “work in progress.” Just like me (LOL)!

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