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Organizational Accreditation

 We received notice just before the holiday break that the Higher Learning Commission’s, Internal Actions Committee, at its December 19, 2012 meeting, had met for the second vote on our reaffirmation of institutional accreditation, and it was overwhelmingly successful!

The College’s accreditation has been reaffirmed for another seven-year AQIP cycle with no conditions. It’s important to share this information with everyone internally and externally, so certainly feel free to proudly pass this information along to our stakeholders. It’s also important to note as we celebrate this monumental event, of the College’s honorable mention in several areas of the accreditation and quality progress.

 To quote the HLC reviewers, “Owens Community College has established themselves in our view as one of the best AQIP colleges in the country”, said H.O. Brownback.  I invite you to review the comments and the full report that is posted on our AQIP website on the Intranet, with the links provided below.   

It’s an outstanding report that you can all be very proud of.  The reviewers noted several times how Owens is a leader in continuous quality improvement and the AQIP process. They were extremely pleased with our shared leadership model. It’s because of your commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, participation and innovation, that we were able to achieve such a status, not only in this report but with the Commission. After interviewing and having conversations with over 200 people during their visit, the reviewers were overwhelmed with the acceptance and engagement in continuous quality improvement and AQIP. We plan to do a formal celebration in February of this successful accomplishment of a very important College initiative. During that celebration, we will provide more details. 

Keep in mind, quality improvement is not a destination, but a continuous journey. We will begin the next cycle soon. Our next systems portfolio is due November of this year. We are forming teams now.  We have set the bar high as the Commission will expect us to meet and exceed the level of excellence that we have achieved during our first seven-year cycle. As most are aware and in the spirit of continuous quality improvement, the HLC has changed the criteria for accreditation, which has become more detailed and rigorous in its expectations. Owens is ready for that challenge!

As we begin the new cycle of accreditation I would invite your comments on what we’ve accomplished over the last seven years as well as any recommendations for improvement as we begin  the next process cycle time.




5 Responses to “Organizational Accreditation”

  1. Rose Kuceyeski Says:

    This is great news. Kudos to all who were involved.

  2. Robin Smith-Calhoun Says:

    Congratulations to Owens on its outstanding efforts. It is wonderful that the HLC reviewers gave such honorable comments and recognize the engagement here at Owens.

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