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Whiteboards in the Classroom

March 14th, 2013 by James Perry

Currently the Findlay campus puts dry erase markers in the classrooms so that instructors do not have to carry them arround with them.  The color choices are limited.  The question I would appreciate comments on is this something that we should be doing on the Toledo Campus.  This would allow makers to always be in the room and thus eliminate the potential for individuals to forget their markers at home and then have to depend on the department office to have others on hand.  Markers are not cheep, but if their intended purpose is to be used in the classroom, shouldn’t we provide them like we do in the few classrooms we have that require chalk?  Just some food for thought.

What is your idea of a successful Wellness program? What does wellness mean to you?

March 12th, 2013 by traci_kish

February 28th, 2013 by Patricia Schumacher

With the national “Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day” slowly approaching (April 26, 2013), I would like to put a suggestion our there for all employees to ponder on. This is an event that has been going on now for 20 years! This day allows company employees to bring their son/daughter to work with them and allow them to see what their job entails and to get a feel for what it would be like to work in the atmosphere that their parents work in. I think that this yearly event would be something that could light a spark in a child’s mind as to what path they would like to take to pursue their own career and give employees a chance to come together for a significant cause (our children). This event would also give children a behind the scenes look at what College is all about.  Each company/organization puts together a planned day of activities that gives the children a fun way to learn more about the company/organization and the day to day duties of different departments within the company. I have participated in this event at a previous job that I held, and can say that it was a wonderful experience although the company was on a somewhat smaller scale than the College. With our organization being Higher Education, I feel that it would be easy to organize a day of events without putting a costly figure on it since we have many different areas that I believe children would find interesting. I would be interested in finding out how many of our employees would like to have such an event held on our campus. I have included a link to their website for anyone who finds this of interest to look into.


Click to access Daughters and Sons to Work Page



February 27th, 2013 by Robin Smith-Calhoun

A wonderful thing happened this month that deserves some acknowledgement.  On February 1, we made a collaborative attempt to re-energize the AQIP blog.  I am happy to say that out of 27 days this month and 19 possible opportunities to keep the college informed, 11 APC members successfully made a submission.  That is a whopping 58% participation rate in one month.  That is a huge improvement.  It always amazes me what can be accomplished when we work as a team.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.  I know that QC will have just as much success during the month of March.  GO TEAM OWENS!

Remember it is never too late or too early to submit a post, and you are not limited in the number of times you can post or the date that you post.  The blog does not have to be AQIP related but student- or college-related. 

Many of us look forward to reading more post about what is going on around our campus and all of your feedback as well.

Capital Funds From the State of Ohio

February 20th, 2013 by John Satkowski

I am often asked why are we investing in campus facility renovations during a time when operating budgets are challenged and why don’t we use those facility funds on general operations?  The answer is that the State of Ohio specifically allocates funds for capital projects and those funds cannot be used for any other purpose except for campus construction and renovations. The College was allocated $5,000,000 as our share of  the 2013/2014 Biennium Capital Budget. As most of you may be aware, the Governor has just presented his recommendations for the State of Ohio’s Biennium Operating Budget for 2014/2015. The Biennium Operating Budget and Biennium Capital Budget are two “separate” budgets in which one deals with general operations and the other with capital renovations. The allocated funds of the two budgets are not interchangeable.

With the most recent Capital Allocations from the state we are proceeding with the following projects:

John Deere Lab Expansion:

The former Welding Lab in the Transportation Technology Building is being renovated to house an expansion for the College’s John Deere Program.  The additional space will allow for more John Deere Equipment to be housed inside (a requirement) and thus providing the space to accommodate more students in a growing program.

Math Labs

The success of the new Math Lab located in Transportation Technology has inspired us to create two additional labs on the Toledo and Findlay Campuses.

Heritage Hall II

The Heritage Hall II project is by far the largest project in process for this calendar year which will provide a large, state-of the-art Culinary Center. The new Culinary Center will be the newest and most sophisticated culinary training facility in Northwest Ohio.  As we have had and continue to have a waiting list for this program, we are confident it will allow us to attract and train more students as well as grow to be one of the College’s most successful programs. 

In addition to the Culinary Center, more than twenty classrooms and a new Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.) Lab will be built in the remaining shelled space of Heritage Hall.  This will be done in two phases with the first phase being the M.A.P. Lab for this Fall semester followed by the additional classrooms which we are planning to complete with funds from a 2015/2016 State Capital Budget.

Basic Renovations

Along with the specific renovation projects, we have identified numerous repair and maintenance projects for both of the College’s Campuses.  Exterior projects such as door and window replacements, tuck-pointing, roofs, along with interior projects, including, mechanical, painting and carpet replacement will be identified, prioritized and addressed.

I Want to Thank You

February 19th, 2013 by Mike Bower

I am excited that just a few weeks ago, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association reaffirmed our institutional accreditation through 2020.

I am extremely proud of you, Owens faculty and staff, for your hard work and dedication in achieving this continued accreditation through the HLC. While I have served at two other institutions that were Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)-accredited, not every institution is given this opportunity. It’s an honor for Owens to be an AQIP institution and it’s a nod to the quality I see here every day – in your classrooms, in your offices, and throughout the entire campus.

It’s specifically thanks to you! Did you know that Owens has been accredited through the Higher Learning Commission continuously since 1976? We don’t stop! We are always trying to be better. HLC reviewers even noted that we are a leader in continuous quality improvement during their review.

The duration of our accreditation and those comments show me how dedicated you are to continued excellence. We don’t rest on our laurels. We are dedicated. We are enthusiastic. We are innovative!

We need to keep the momentum up! How might we continue to improve? Do you have ideas on how to be more efficient? How to be more effective? Do you have any cost-savings ideas? Let’s hear them! Tell us your ideas! I want you to feel comfortable sharing them.

Each of us has a unique perspective to share. And it will take each of us, working together as a team, to be the best community college in the state of Ohio!

Future Directions of the School of Arts & Sciences

February 19th, 2013 by Renay Scott

The School of Arts and Sciences is engaging in a discussion about the future direction of the School.  The College will send out a survey to the faculty members within the School asking for their opinion about the composition of the School.  Please share your thoughts on the following questions pertaining to the composition of the School of Arts and Sciences

1.  Should the Mathematics and Science departments join with the School of Technology creating a STEM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)? Why or why not?

2.  Should the Fine and Performing Arts department remain within the School of Arts and Science or become a separate School creating a focus on the Arts? Why or why not?

3.  If the School of Arts and Science is comprised of only the departments of Communication, Humanities & Languages; English; Social & Behavioral Sciences; and Teacher Education & Human Services, what should that new School be called? What that suggestion changed if the Fine & Performing Arts department remained in the School?

From the Office of College Development: Did You Know?

February 19th, 2013 by elizabeth savage

Did you know that since the 1980s, 61.5% of students receiving scholarships through the Owens Community College Foundation have graduated? This includes students receiving funds through the Success Tuition Assistance Program.

Thank you to all Owens Community College employees who give to the Foundation. Your contributions work to help our students graduate and make our college stronger!

Ann Savage

Findlay Campus Cohort News

February 15th, 2013 by Melissa Green

In January we began our first business management cohort program at the Findlay Campus.  While students find the coursework to be quick paced and challenging,  they also readily admit the way the program is offered remains the only possibility for pursuing a degree.   The integrity of the courses remain fully in tact and the student group is providing tremendous support for one another.  This program is an example of how we can  successfully reach the needs of individuals by transforming our approach to course delivery.   Special thanks to everyone who has been involved in this initiative.  Once again the Owens team has created something wonderful for our students and surrounding community.   What academic area will comprise our next cohort group at the Findlay Campus.

Protecting the Security and Privacy of Personal Information

February 14th, 2013 by Connie Schaffer

IT is committed to supporting the College in its mission of serving students and our community. IT is also committed to AQIP’s principles including “Focus on Stakeholders” and “Supporting Operational Operations“. IT recognizes that protecting the security and privacy of personal information is important to everyone.

A friendly reminder from the Owens Community College IT Division: Remember, you are the first line of defense in protecting the security and privacy of personal information. Here are some useful tips to help you keep information safe:

1. Identify:
Take a moment to consider what information you are working with, and in what forms. Information stored on paper is subject to different risk of loss than electronically stored information. To develop a sense of the scope of your department’s data risk, identify what data elements are being collected and processed in your work area.

2. Reduce:
Do not collect information unnecessary to your work. After identifying data elements being processed, reduce these data fields to the minimum necessary to complete your work tasks.

3. Lock:
After reducing data to the minimum required, make sure that the remaining materials are properly secured. At Owens, we pride ourselves on friendliness and community consciousness, but remember that an “Open Door” policy does not mean an “Open Office” policy: When away from your work area, you should lock your office door and attempt to put away loose materials. Computer workstations should be locked (on Windows machines, use the ubiquitous Control-Alt-Delete sequence) when not in use. Also, remember that computer workstations should be configured to lock automatically; if it does not do so, please contact the IT Help Desk (extension 7120) for assistance.

4. Pitch it:
Promptly destroy materials when they are scheduled for destruction per the College Records Retention Policy. Materials not under the College public records or record retention policy should be destroyed immediately.

5. Plan ahead:
Discuss with your supervisor your departmental procedures to identify and respond to potential information risk events. Promptly reporting privacy and security issues to College administration and to the proper authorities greatly reduces the risk of additional harm.

Any questions about data security and privacy may be directed to Matthew Junod, Information Security Officer (extension 7227).

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