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“Powers of 10”

Craig Vogel’s presentation to the APC/QC on May 4 discussed how change by design has greatly influenced technology development and product marketing. His presentation included a brief overview of the classic 1968 American documentary short film, “Powers of 10”, written and directed by Ray and Charles Eames. Re-released in 1977, the “film depicts the relative scale of the Universe in factors of ten”.  This video has been digitized for the internet and has also been adapted into a more contemporary interactive web version.

The “Powers of 10”,, is the official Eames Office website that is directly based upon the classic film. The website contains both the re-released video and an interactive web version of the film.

“Scale of the Universe”,,  presents a similar concept, but provides an interactive screen that focuses on comparing groups of objects using a sliding scale of 10. This contemporary version of the “Powers of 10” also incorporates the most recent scientific information and examples.


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