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Process management – and process management tools – can be used for personal development, too

Success with quality improvement is enhanced when employees’ behaviors change along with changes in work processes. A process-oriented continuous personal improvement model can be used to develop management skills such as leadership, consensus building, coaching, motivation, and rewards. Continuous personal improvement isn’t easy, but takes reflection, self-awareness, emotional stability, and consistency . The payback for developing effective inter- and intra-personal skills is making meaningful contributions to organizational success, acquiring the ability to see problems as worthwhile experiences, and building effective positive relationships with co-workers, family, and friends. Fishbone Diagram and Systematic Diagram are highlighted tools for personal development.

See Emiliani, M. (1998). Continuous personal improvement. Journal of Workplace Learning, 10(1), 29-38, available via Owens Libraries’ database EJC (Electronic Journal Center). Contact Gail McCain to receive text directly from EJC.

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