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Protecting the Security and Privacy of Personal Information

IT is committed to supporting the College in its mission of serving students and our community. IT is also committed to AQIP’s principles including “Focus on Stakeholders” and “Supporting Operational Operations“. IT recognizes that protecting the security and privacy of personal information is important to everyone.

A friendly reminder from the Owens Community College IT Division: Remember, you are the first line of defense in protecting the security and privacy of personal information. Here are some useful tips to help you keep information safe:

1. Identify:
Take a moment to consider what information you are working with, and in what forms. Information stored on paper is subject to different risk of loss than electronically stored information. To develop a sense of the scope of your department’s data risk, identify what data elements are being collected and processed in your work area.

2. Reduce:
Do not collect information unnecessary to your work. After identifying data elements being processed, reduce these data fields to the minimum necessary to complete your work tasks.

3. Lock:
After reducing data to the minimum required, make sure that the remaining materials are properly secured. At Owens, we pride ourselves on friendliness and community consciousness, but remember that an “Open Door” policy does not mean an “Open Office” policy: When away from your work area, you should lock your office door and attempt to put away loose materials. Computer workstations should be locked (on Windows machines, use the ubiquitous Control-Alt-Delete sequence) when not in use. Also, remember that computer workstations should be configured to lock automatically; if it does not do so, please contact the IT Help Desk (extension 7120) for assistance.

4. Pitch it:
Promptly destroy materials when they are scheduled for destruction per the College Records Retention Policy. Materials not under the College public records or record retention policy should be destroyed immediately.

5. Plan ahead:
Discuss with your supervisor your departmental procedures to identify and respond to potential information risk events. Promptly reporting privacy and security issues to College administration and to the proper authorities greatly reduces the risk of additional harm.

Any questions about data security and privacy may be directed to Matthew Junod, Information Security Officer (extension 7227).

2 Responses to “Protecting the Security and Privacy of Personal Information”

  1. SF Says:

    I really think this is important. Not only is the College information to be kept protected, but the student’s information as well. It takes a few more steps, but is well worth the peace of mind, knowing this information is protected.

  2. Elllima Says:

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