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Supporting the AQIP’s principle of continuous improvement and the College mission, IT continues to focus on ways to improve the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, and we are committed to providing the best customer service to our students, faculty and staff.

Following are ways IT is working to improve our customers’ experience.

We are working on ways to become more efficient.

• After collecting and analyzing data, we determined the highest number of calls to the IT Help Desk are password resets. Previously, when contacted for a password reset the IT Help Desk used multiple Banner forms and the campus ID card system to verify caller identity, making the average call handling time for a password reset between 5 and 10 minutes. We saw the opportunity to improve and worked with the IT in-house programming staff to develop a single tool that pulls all of the information needed to verify caller identity. This tool has reduced the password reset handling time to an average of 1 minute or less per caller, allowing the IT Help Desk to become more efficient and improve our customers’ experience.

• In July 2013, IT will be installing a Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk in Oserve. The Password Reset Self-Service Kiosk will allow students with valid Owens Express Cards to reset their own password. The Password Reset Self Service Kiosk is a one-stop solution that will allow students to immediately resolve password issues while in the Oserve office. Depending on the use and need of this service, IT will be looking to expand to other areas.

 We are focused on ways to improve communication.

• The IT Help Desk will be contacting all customers who have a completed service request. We would like to know if your technical problem was resolved to your satisfaction. This began the 1st week in June.

• IT has implemented ‘WalkAbouts’. On a regular basis, IT staff is going to visit College offices and check with faculty and staff to determine if their technological needs are being met. We will also be sharing upcoming changes and events in IT during these visits.

• IT has created a knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Due to the growth of mobile devices, many of our customers like using self-help solutions to quickly find answers to FAQs. The questions and answers are posted to the web and serve as a one-stop solution to find answers. To further develop a searchable and more robust knowledge base, IT has opened the knowledge base to other departments.

Customers can locate the FAQs by clicking Quick Links from the Owens home page and then selecting FAQ (College-wide), or by visiting

• IT created the IT Status Page in order to keep our customers informed of IT notices, scheduled maintenance and outages. This site is designed to be reached off-campus in the event the network is not accessible. This can be accessed from a mobile device. Status messages are broadcast to multiple social media platforms; therefore, if our customers “like” us on Facebook and/or Twitter, our customers will receive posted messages. To check out the IT Status Page, visit

 We are focused on ways to improve knowledge and understanding of Owens Applications and IT support services.

IT developed the IT Help Desk Employee Orientation Quick Guide. The focus of this Quick Guide is to introduce Owens faculty and staff to Owens-supported applications and IT support services. Get your copy today by visiting

 We are focused on being responsive to your needs.

• If you have a technical problem, we are here to help! Please report any technical problems to the IT Help Desk. We provide convenient ways to report technical problems.

Call IT Help Desk at (567) 661-7120

Email IT Help Desk at

Visit IT Help Desk in College Hall 213

Fill out an ‘online service request’ at or click the IT Help Desk icon on your desktop.

• We are offering an additional IT Help Desk location to service students, faculty and staff in College Hall 156D – starting the second week of June 2013. For hours check

 We want your feedback!

So far, only a few ways have been mentioned as to how IT has worked, and continues to work, to improve our customers’ experience. There is always room for improvement and we are actively listening. We would like your feedback and ideas, so we are conducting an IT Services Survey. If an IT staff member is dispatched to a customer, the staff member will leave a paper survey. Please fill out the survey and drop it in interoffice mail to the IT Help Desk, or visit, click the IT Services Survey link in the “Give us some feedback!” box.

We value your input.

 Owens IT Mission

 “We are committed to serving students, faculty and staff by providing the highest quality support of information technology.”

Frances O’Connor
Associate Director, Applications and Network Operations



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