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Weather Weather Everywhere By John Satkowski

Since the College experienced a weather delay on Wednesday, January 19th, I thought that this would be a good time to review the process that is used to determine if the College should cancel or delay classes and operations.

The process starts around 5:00AM when I receive a call from Melissa Green in Findlay and Don Rahman in Toledo. We discuss the situation to assess highway conditions, projected forecasts on whether the storm is intensifying or subsiding, and campus conditions. Once it is decided on the possible options, Renay Scott and I then discuss the options and make a decision on whether classes are a “go or no-go”.

Should a delay or cancellation be the end result, I then contact the following individuals who each take a specific course of action:

-Brad Meyer notifies the media of our intentions. If a decision is made that affects Toledo, the decision affects all locations such as Oregon Road, The Source, and Arrowhead.

-Connie Schaffer gets the message posted to the College’s homepage.

-Brian Paskvan gets the message sent through the Owen’s Alert System (phone, text, and/or e-mail)

I and all individuals involved in this process attempt to have the information out by 6:00AM. I know that a number of you start your jobs early in the morning, so the attempt to make a decision is done as early as possible.

The making of this decision is not an exact science, so making the call for a cancellation or delay is primarily predicated on safety and the local situation. Should you have any questions on this process, I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

7 Responses to “Weather Weather Everywhere By John Satkowski”

  1. Ralph Semrock Says:

    How does the process work if a storm develops during the morning or mid-day and decisions have to be made whether to end school early or eliminate night classes?

  2. John Satkowski Says:

    To answer Ralph’s question, I will monitor, with Mike McDonald and Don Rahman, the Accuweather forecast, determine if local driving conditions are getting worse such as level 1 upgrades to level 2, and determine how well we are addressing the campus roads and sidewalks. If conditions continue to deteriorate, I will discuss Findlay issues with Melissa Green and Toledo issues with Renay Scott, based on the projections. If we decide to close, it could be immediate or we could cancel evening classes starting at 5PM. It all depends on the conditions as to the level of action we take. Same postings and use of the Owens Alert System are used for communications. Security will usually pass on the word directly as they monitor the buildings.

  3. Joshua Killy Says:


    Thank you for the information. I have been asked numerous times as to what determines the delay or closing of the college. I have to admit I often wondered myself because of the different hours I work 1-10 p.m., compared to a lot of the college community.

    I know in the past I have been in route to the college and it has closed as well as just arriving to find the college is closing. It is difficult to gage when you are driving from a far distance to get here to the campus.

    Thanks for the information!

  4. Lori Owens Says:

    I just wanted to give a big shout-out to everyone involved in the Owens Alert System! When we delayed last week, I received 2 phone calls: cell and home; a text message on my cell, and 2 e-mails: work and personal account. That may be a bit redundant, but it was very nice to experience the system in action. It also gave me a perfect opportunity to share the OAS with my students (and fine tune my preferences).

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