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What is your idea of a successful Wellness program? What does wellness mean to you?

2 Responses to “What is your idea of a successful Wellness program? What does wellness mean to you?”

  1. Robin Smith-Calhoun Says:

    Wow, that is a GREAT Question. A real eye catcher. I just went over to the SHAC because I would like to see some results by summer. I actually really don’t have any idea of what wellness program we (OCC)have to offer or where to look at this time. So I would like to see some direction to a webpage that is easily accesible to tell us what we already have to offer. Coming from Promedica, there was a really good wellness program that offered health screening, smoking sessions, and wellness fairs that came to your cuilding or location, there were weight loss contest. Most or all of these services were offered by employees and assisted by students in training. There was an inititative to make healthy foods more readily available. There were employee walks with administrator around the facilities that anyone could attend. A fitness center in many locations for employees to use on lunch hour. Wi contest during lunch time (bowling, etc) There were discounts to local fitness centers like Wildwood and the Y. Prizes included anything from pedomenters to tv’s and the contest were monthly. There were healthy recipe contest and more. But all of this was visible on the webpage. So I would really like to know what is being offered here, so I could get involved. I lost 26 pounds and kept it off.

  2. Gail Swartz Says:

    Yes, a great question. Employees may like a webpage with activities available on campus which they and their dependents could plan to attend, health fairs, exercise classes. One concern today is the possibility of a tuition reimbursement reduction, as many employees are using SHAC and Alumni Hall facilities via continuing education classes. Encouraging healthy behaviors whould be great place to start a wellness program. Engaging departments to offer prizes for well behaviors would be a good competition to start with.

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