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Whiteboards in the Classroom

Currently the Findlay campus puts dry erase markers in the classrooms so that instructors do not have to carry them arround with them.  The color choices are limited.  The question I would appreciate comments on is this something that we should be doing on the Toledo Campus.  This would allow makers to always be in the room and thus eliminate the potential for individuals to forget their markers at home and then have to depend on the department office to have others on hand.  Markers are not cheep, but if their intended purpose is to be used in the classroom, shouldn’t we provide them like we do in the few classrooms we have that require chalk?  Just some food for thought.

4 Responses to “Whiteboards in the Classroom”

  1. Tom Perin Says:

    I think Jim’s idea has merit. It’s handy to walk into my classrooms and have dry-erase markers on hand. I suspect an issue may be keeping the class rooms supplied if they come up missing. Possibly this forum could provide recommendations to address this.

  2. Karen Wehman Says:

    While I usually have my own markers with me, I really appreciate having a marker available on the white board when I forget my own.

  3. Micah Shimborske Says:

    If you are ever in the AVCC, Math Science, or CPA buildings you’re more than welcome to borrow one from AV Services.

  4. Lorry Cology Says:

    This is a good idea! I carry my own because there aren’t any in the classrooms.
    Note: In the few classrooms where there are still chalk boards, chalk is provided.
    BTW–Isn’t it time to get rid of those chalkboards and replace them with white boards?

    (Wouldn’t it be nice to have smart boards in all the classrooms?)

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