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Updated Employee Performance Appraisal Process (Additional Training Sessions)

A new Employee Performance Appraisal form and process is now available to all employee supervisors (however, Teaching Faculty and Childcare Teachers will continue to be evaluated with the same form as previously used.) The new form is located on the Owens intranet at:

The new performance appraisal form is simpler in design, with only four questions to be completed. A fifth question provides an opportunity for the employee to respond to the performance appraisal. The new design is also open-ended allowing the supervisor and employee an opportunity to discuss and appraise all pertinent aspects of the employee’s work performance.

Non-bargaining employees’ performance appraisals must be submitted twice a year in January and July. (Forbargaining unit employees please reference the applicable collective bargaining agreements for performance appraisal/evaluation frequency and due dates).

In addition, to the New Employee Performance Appraisal form an Employee Self-Evaluation form is also available for the supervisor to use. Prior to the employee’s performance appraisal meeting, the supervisors may ask the employee to complete the Employee Self-Evaluation Form.

Human Resources has scheduled open sessions to discuss the new performance appraisal procedures and to answer any questions.  Please plan to attend one of the sessions.

Toledo-area Campus

December 18:   3 – 4 p.m.       CH 100

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 at 8:33 am