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Class Presentations on Sexual Misconduct

The Office of Student Life works closely with the YWCA and the on-campus advocate. The advocate is able to provide presentations to classes on topics related to sexual violence, which includes:

• Sexual Violence 101

• Bystander Intervention

• Safe and Healthy Sex (Including discussions of sexuality and gender identity)

• Healthy Relationships

• What sexual violence looks like in specific communities (i.e. the LGBTQ community, religious communities, etc.)

• Sexual Harassment and Title IX

• Sexual Violence and Internet Safety

• How to help someone who has experienced sexual violence (either in a personal context or a professional one)

• And more!

Please contact Emily Boyk at or at (567) 395-5610.

In addition, the Office of Student Life has a graduate intern from BGSU that works with programming related to sexual misconduct. She is available to come to your class to lead a one-hour program designed to teach students how they can be an active bystanders. Many people recognize a problematic situation when they see one, but don’t know what they can do to help. This program will spend time helping students identify problematic situations, teaching about steps and options for interventions, and providing time for students to consider and discuss the ways they feel they can best intervene as individuals. Focus will be on situations relating to sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and mental health.

For more information or to schedule the program for your class, please e-mail Alex Lewin at

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 9:10 am