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Reporting of Unused “Overtime Comp” Hours on Final Fiscal 2019 Timesheet

All hourly employees, including Web Time Entry employees, who have not scheduled to use all of their unused “Overtime Comp” hours by the end of this current fiscal year, need to report these hours for payment on a paper time sheet for the pay period ending June 22, 2019, to be paid on June 28, 2019.

In the upper right-hand corner of your timesheet, please note “Unused O.T. Comp hours” (not converted by multiplying by 1.5) followed by the actual hours.  Please add these hours to any overtime hours you may have worked during the June 9 –June 22, 2019 pay period and include these hours on the “Totals” line of your timesheet in the “OT Paid” column.

Please contact Graham Salcedo with any questions, x7647.

Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 8:56 am