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Northwest Ohio is Powered by Owens – New Television Spot

Northwest Ohio is Powered By the proud alumni of Owens Community College

A bold statement, but one that is supported by the fact that 70 percent of Owens Community College alumni choose to live and work in our local communities, powering our cities, and improving their lives at the same time. 

There is likely Owens alumni in places where you need them the most – at your nearby hospital or doctor’s office, your children’s school, the business that operates in your hometown, the police station, the auto technician service facility, your favorite restaurant, maybe even at your place of employment!

Since 1965, Owens Community College has worked to educate and populate the Northwest Ohio workforce with skilled, prepared and knowledgeable employees. The impact our alumni make resonates throughout the smallest of villages to the largest of metropolises. We are proud to support and power the education and economic development of the cities we serve. 


Posted on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 8:40 am