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Welcome to the Training and Development website at Owens Community College. The following is a listing of the training opportunities currently available. If you are a new employee you will need to sign up for the Owens New Employee (ONE) Program during the first month of your employment. If you are a continuing employee and would like to participate in any of the training options listed below please complete the online registration process.

Owens New Employee (ONE) Orientation

This training is required for all NEW regular full-time and regular part-time employees. The orientation is two days long with a wide range of training options offered the afternoon of the second day of training. Please note that if you register for the ONE orientation you will automatically registered for the safety and security, sexual harassment training, and basic people admin training sessions.  Please choose any of the other training options, as they relate to your job responsibilities, offered on Tuesday afternoon to complete your training.   Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Safety and Security Training

Do you know what to do in and emergency? Are you familiar with all the services the Owens Department of Public Safety (DPS) offer? If your answer is no please join staff from DPS to find out the answers to these important questions. Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Supervisor Training

Just get hired as a supervisor at Owens or just need a refresher?  This training will highlight many of the process and procedures used by supervisors at Owens to help manage their departments. Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Banner Budget Training

If you are designated as a budget authority at Owens you will need this training.  This training will help you distinguish between a FOAPAL and a form and give you all the tools to become an exceptional budget authority. Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Sexual Harassment Training

This training will focus on the definition of sexual harassment, outline proper reporting requirements and will include information on real life cases for discussion. Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Procurement/SciQuest Training

Do you order supplies and materials for your office?  Are you a budget authority? This training will help you understand the procurement process at Owens Community College. Click Here to View the Schedule and Register

Learning, Teaching, and Training Information…

Want to explore learning styles, get some tips for your next training session, check out alternative methods of teaching, or just promote better learning for your students? Take a look at these awesome websites for some ideas! Learning, Performance & Knowledge Links A website chock-full of interactive methods for experiential learning in the classroom! Ideas for making both online and face-to-face lectures more interactive and engaging! Web site full of resources for faculty and staff in education: free trainings, teaching tips, networking, and much more!

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